The Lifestyle – Is an entrepreneur who creates the company itself for its own sake; this is in order to obtain and maintain a particular lifestyle.
This type of archetype operates or runs mostly companies with a limited number of employees, high margins, and a strong focus on sales.
The Lifestyle entrepreneur’s priority is often minimizing risk rather than investing in risky projects. His/her ventures often maintain a solid credit rating because there are rarely any cash flow problems.

The archetype is different from the other 5 entrepreneurial profiles in respect of the company, exists for the entrepreneur, and not vice versa. That may limit the company’s growth. This archetype builds the business for their own personal planning, and the group or a team is sometimes of secondary importance. Which is understandable due to, operates mostly companies with a limited number of employees.
The Lifestyle entrepreneur will often measure the business as well and its results in economic terms, combined with a tendency to plan their activities.
This entrepreneur has a tendency to run their businesses with a customer-oriented focus !
For this type of entrepreneur financial success can be a strong driving force.

 – these are the general pictures of this archetype. Your own profile answer is, therefore, more comprehensive than these texts. I.e., if your profile turns out to become The Lifestyle.

As a personality profile, this archetype can most often be described as a person who sees entrepreneurship from an overall perspective, this fills the basic needs of the entrepreneur through life.

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