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Stefan Lindstrom

2010 Creator of the EPT – world’s first entrepreneur profile test, and EPT mark II – 2017 including Intrapreneurship and EPT mark III – 2020 in English.


2006 Harvard University Extension School.
2005 Boston University, School of Management – Entrepreneurial Institute.
2003 Psychology, University of Stockholm. Stockholm, Sweden.
2003 Accreditation for Subjecta – Stress analysis and staff development evaluation.
2002 Accreditation for DISC – Discover, Denmark (personality test.)
2001 Accreditation for DISA –. IPU Institute for Personal Development (personality test.)
2000 Accreditation certificate Team Management Systems –TMS Development International Ltd. England.
2000 Accreditation certificate QO2 – TMS Development International Ltd. England. (personality test.)
1999 Crestcom International Leadership Program BPM 1 and 2–. International Leadership Program, Denver, USA.
1998 Executive MBA –Nordic School of Management, Diploma NSM (Executive Program). Stockholm Sweden.

Working Experience

Stefan – been working with a variety of organizations in both private and public organizations, within personnel and organizational development.

He has developed programs in various sectors in a variety of businesses and organizations.

Sales and business improvement, communication skills, presentation methods and negotiation techniques. As well as working on assignments in individual and business developments over the past twenty years, Stefan lectures on entrepreneurship. He also lectures at colleges and universities.
More recently his lectures focus on Talent management, HR, Recruitment, Change Management, Digitization.
International trainer and speaker with extensive skills, engaged in personnel and organizational development. He has also talked at TED – https://www.ted.com/talks/stefan_lindstrom_what_s_so_special_about_entrepreneurs

Hans Olle Frummerin

2010 Creator of the EPT – world’s first entrepreneur profile test. Mark I in Swedish.


2000  Master of Science in Psychology University of Gothenburg Department of Psychology Sweden. Concentrations: Psychology of work and organizational behavior.
1996-1999  Diploma of Public Health Nordic School of Public Health Gothenburg. Concentration on administration and international  health work
1984 Bachelor of Social Work University of Lund Sweden (Concentration on HR-work. Bachelor of Arts Assistant Psychologist University of Lund Department of Psychology.
1976-1980 Research courses in applied Psychology included in Ph.D. studies. University of Gothenburg Organisational studies, work in psychology, motivation, leadership etc
1976 Psychology and social sciences University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
1974 American studies, social sciences and business administration

Various types of Internal training: Consultancy Skills and courses in Occupational Psychology Indevo Academy, Roland Berger internal training. INREGIA and Swedtel. S:t Petersburg Russia Higher Academy of medical Science Russia Management of health services and change Project Management, Process Analysis, The TRIM-concept, Myer-Briggs, Advanced Consultancy Skills, Change Process, Belbin and Situational Management, Competence driving Management

Working Experience

Hans Olle – extensive experience who has been working with a variety of organizations in both industry and public organizations in the field of change management, conflict management, individual support. Training in companies and organizational development Management development programs.  Evaluation, quality improvement and development, etc, within large change projects at both national and international levels, at European level mostly in Germany and France. This also includes assignments all over Europe and especially Eastern Europe and Russia. For some years he also worked in Africa.

Consultant in Occupational Health Services within psychology and working environment. Assignments within organizational consultancy: Support of management. Employee’s work environment. Training in work environment, Group counseling.

Thank you, Mr. Peter Russo

– former Director of Entrepreneurial Institute, Boston University School of Management for all your help through all these years of my studying and guiding me on my research – entrepreneurs and “how they think” that help me to figure out the 6th archetype (The workstyle archetype) that was later launched at The International Conference on Thinking in 2011. That also gave me the privilege to contribute with these six archetypes in my TEDx talks in April 2018 where you were of big help and support!

It has been an honor to work with you / Stefan L




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