Type of entrepreneur – the all 6 archetypes


The word entrepreneur can describe a person who is creative and driven and who succeeds in starting a business/company.

Entrepreneurs can change directions on things, create, and design new approaches. Other ways to try to describe them are words like high autonomy, anti-conformity, and action-oriented, taking responsibility in combination with visionary thinking.

Positive attitude towards work and devotion – well,  the list can be made long..

The suggestion is that entrepreneurs have different characteristics that help them succeed in their tasks. Within the research about entrepreneurship that has been done, and based on international research that entrepreneurs have different characteristics and that identified five profiles.

After my time in 2005 at Boston University – Entrepreneurial Institute, and around the Boston ecosystem, it was observations I made there that was the starting point in my research.  Later in the years around 2007, I came up with my first thoughts, and later on, the first embryo that there could be a sixth one, -The workstyle!  And this is the 6th archetype that I had the privilege of later launching at The International Conference on Thinking in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in 2009.

It is this research that led to the world’s first Entrepreneur Profile Test that was launched in 2010.

The EPT test – also tries to describe entrepreneurship and the differences among the all 6 archetypes but still that they have a lot in common.  – Entrepreneurs as a person or individuals can be described in many ways. One is – who undertakes and who succeeds in creating ventures. The entrepreneur or even intrapreneur succeeds in changing the direction of something, devises new approaches and creates new businesses and markets


                                                                                                                                                                          Stefan Lindstrom.

The all 6 archetypes

In brief, this research has come up to that entrepreneurs can be distinguished in six different types of or roles.

We have chosen to distinguish them as archetypes,  Dictionary – Archetype

The Starter – Intuitive, creative and great initiators, skills as caught the spur of the moment,,

The Professional – Good planners, tend to like the efficiency, holistic orientated,,,

The Serial – Flexible, can often combined feelings & analytical skills when making decisions,,,

The Innovator – Innovative, detail orientated skills, ability to act on their impulses,,,

The Lifestyle – Effective, holistic and often customer orientated businesses,,,

The Workstyle – Emotions as well as mentally driven, the work itself provides the incentives,,


The Starter – This is a type of entrepreneur who can be best described as obsessed with the creative process.
He/she starts companies with good intentions, builds it up, and gets bored quickly.
The person is rarely still; he/she likes to take the leap and is often first with new ideas.
This type of entrepreneur is often not able to finish things and can sometimes find it challenging to make money on the idea of the company.
The person may apply, for example, willing to sell ‘’half the building’’ and instead start a new one. Furthermore, he/she is quick to generate enthusiasm among those around them and to sell their idea.

As a personality profile, this archetype can be described as a person with a strong sense of the task in relation to the logical analysis.
This person sees the substance of a process, and therefore the initialization of an idea.

For a fully adequate personal personality profile, one has to do the test.


The Professional – This type of entrepreneur is often very long-range. The company that he/she builds shall survive as long as himself.
He/she wants to start a fast-growing company and stay in it for life. He/she also may acquire companies who ‘’the starter’’ or ‘’the inventor’’ created. The so-called ‘’Professional’’ archetype undergoes all the phases of entrepreneurship, and this means that the company will develop all phases of ‘’starting’’, profitability, and the administrative phases related to scaling the venture. This archetype includes a person with all-round ability and often is both stubborn and strategic in thinking. This is a complex archetype that requires versatility and the ability to be able to develop oneself in order to manage all the different phases that appear along the way.

As a personality profile, this archetype can in some cases be described as a person who balances a strong sense of the task with the ability to see its long-term usefulness to the business…..For a fully adequate personal personality profile, one has to do the test.


The Serial – This is an entrepreneur type who wants to both “have and eat the cake’’. This includes a mixture of the starter and the professional entrepreneurial types. He/she often builds up a traditional company with a goal that it be sold to another entrepreneur or a larger company later on. If not, they can come up with ideas like expanding the firm’s geographic or product scope.
Money that a serial entrepreneur earns is often therefore used to build a new company that replaces the previous one. In this way, this type of entrepreneur sells the ‘’cake’’ but still has some left at the end of the day. Have your cake and eat it too
Sometimes they can also start a “chain company” or so-called franchise as a business model.
Therefore, the name serial is adequate.

As a personality profile, this archetype can often be described as a person who has a strong ability to see the big picture in the processes….For a fully adequate personal personality profile, one has to do the test.


The Innovator – This type of entrepreneur is one that may not always work alone. She or he has the invention to guide their activity. They often do not fit well in the large organization and sometimes working towards starting a business out of frustration along with other similar archetypes with the same interest.
For them, freedom and fortune-seeking are often a common denominator. These entrepreneurial types are most often found in sectors such as IT, Telecom, Biotech, and Green technology.
They usually possess significant technological knowledge but may need at their side someone with financial acumen as well as someone with a customer focus to make the venture succeed commercially.
They often find new ideas or products along the way. Moreover, their ventures are often acquired and refined over time.

As a personality profile, this archetype can be described as a person who is primarily controlled by emotions, basically a ‘’trigger’’ in behavior.

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The Lifestyle – Is an entrepreneur who creates the company itself for its own sake; this is in order to obtain and maintain a particular lifestyle. For this type of entrepreneur  financial success can be a strong driving force, but the person may also prioritize leisure activities like recreation or foreign travel.
This type of archetype operates mostly companies with a limited number of employees with high margins and a strong focus on sales.
The lifestyle entrepreneur’s priority is often minimizing risk rather than investing in risky projects. His/her ventures often maintain a solid credit rating because there are rarely any cash flow problems. The archetype is different from the others in respect of the company, exists for the entrepreneur, and not vice versa. That may limit the company’s growth.
The lifestyle entrepreneur has a tendency to run their businesses with a customer-oriented focus.

As a personality profile, this archetype can most often be described as a person who sees entrepreneurship from an overall perspective, this fills the basic needs of the entrepreneur through life.

For a fully adequate personal personality profile, one has to do the test.


The Workstyle – This is an entrepreneur who is the antithesis of the lifestyle archetype. The work style archetype enjoys life, but not outside of work, through it. The work itself is the driving force. The money, therefore, plays a smaller role since the work is so exciting – within itself. These archetypes often run companies with no or few (approx 1-4) employees, low margin, and a lower focus on sales itself is quite common.

Furthermore, the entrepreneur quite often invented something new or developed a unique process or such.

They can initially in some eyes, appear as so-called “mavericks” or a lone wolf but they, the work-stylers see themselves as -individualistic rather than lonely. This may be due to that they can appear as both as more Extroverted (E) as well as more Introverted (I).

Even Ambivert, which was shown late in our research and is, or can be seen as an asset for this archetype. This is something that the work style shares with the professional archetype.

The archetype may have few areas of interest and therefore find it easier to focus on certain parts of the process or areas of interest or pure curiosity than to always look at the big picture.

This in itself provides the conditions for easily becoming a specialist in the field or industry.


As a personality profile, this archetype can be described as a person who usually gets satisfaction from the stimulus at work.
The work within itself provides the basic incentive for existence. This archetype can combine both thought and emotion, but emotions are the most central.

For a fully adequate personal personality profile, one has to do the test.                                              © Stefan Lindström



With best regards, and good luck with your personal further development and future successes.

 Stefan Lindstrom

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