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Entrepreneur Profile Test – EPT, gives a picture of which of the six entrepreneurial archetypes you are closest and or closest to.

This test attempts to measure your entrepreneurial tendencies. Whether you actually become an entrepreneur or not is up to you. Maybe you already are an entrepreneur and want to take the next step within your development – no matter where you are today, EPT is  – a tool for development !


EPT is a behavioral test that focuses on the 6 different archetypes, even if it includes both one Personality profile as well an Entrepreneurial profile.

(More on what is a personality test versus what is a behavioral test,  see  (Q&A)


It is important to remember that the results of a behavioral analysis do not say anything about who you are. However, it gives a picture of how your behavior in different situations can be compared.

The behavioral test EPT offers you a rich perspective on your character, (archetype) as well as with a complementary personality profile. This in combination with your answers’ response congruence

Not so many tests that are based on or partly based on self-estimates, sometimes called self-assessed –  measures response congruence. EPT measures response congruence, and in %, which is rounded off in the nearest five or ten numbers. i.e., 60%, 70%, 85%, etc. More about EPT´s accuracy and surprisingly high, so-called face validity, more about EPT and its validation and reliability) .

By using the personality profile part, i.e., HR people, as well as managers use it for purposes, such as recruitment and personnel development, team development. etc. One can also become an accredited user of EPT.

By using the entrepreneurial part – you get a picture of yourself and with the help of the test as well what type of entrepreneur you are, or would most likely become if you started one, as well as what archetype is most similar.

That way you can become an even better entrepreneur and more successful entrepreneur due to increased awareness of your full capacity. Or if you are in the starting process – you can therefore also avoid predicted problems and behaviors as well avoid losing “learning money” the hard way.                                                                                                    You also get a better understanding of why you do what you do and why you are where you are today, and maybe even what direction you want to go in next. By creating an image of how You work in your entrepreneurial role, you get an idea of your strengths and weaknesses and thereby, the development opportunities available to you.

This in relation to your goals and your thoughts about the type you want to be yourself or the kind you think you want to be – you get information about potential strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses or as we prefer to see it – your development potential.

The test gives you a popular scientific perspective on your character as an entrepreneur. Thinking about how you work can help you become aware or even more aware of your capacity. It may be more about seeing development potential than looking for weaknesses in their profile.
The Entrepreneur Profile Test – EPT, builds on research that led to the profiles, and the design of the test is advanced.
Use the result if it feels right for you. You can also contact us for personal feedback and a professional growth plan or use the self-instructing professional guide in How To Use EPT.

You also get a personality profile in your EPT answer, that you can use for deeper improvements and personal development.


The suggestion is that entrepreneurs, even the 6 entrepreneur´s have different characteristics that help them succeed in their tasks. Based on international research that first identified five profiles.

After Lindstrom’s time in 2005 at Boston University – Entrepreneurial Institute, and around the Boston ecosystem, it was observations he made there and studies and research conducted with the Entrepreneurship Program at Boston University that was the starting point in his research. Later in the years of around 2007, Stefan came up with his first thoughts, and later on, the first embryo that there could be a sixth one.

It is this research – the 6th archetype The swede whose research found the 6th entrepreneurial archetype -(researchgate.net) that he had the privilege to launch at The International Conference on Thinking  in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in 2009. And that led to the world’s first Entrepreneur Profile Test that he developed together with licensed psychologist Hans-Olle Frummerin and that was launched in late 2010.

And later on in 2018, Lindstrom talked about at TEDx.

This TEDx https://www.ted.com/talks/stefan Lindstrom  What’s so special about entrepreneurs  is also about Lindstrom’s latest research within birth order and education levels among these 6 different EPT test – archetypes.

The talk is about the answer to the question: What makes an entrepreneur? based on studies and experience. Different types of entrepreneur´s with different backgrounds and motivations, and with different impacts and results. Common characteristics of the different archetypes.


More research within Entreprenology   – very latest here below


How can one get the most out of the test ?

Full info about the whole development process on How to use EPT   but first – how can one get the most out of the test results?

If you have not done the test while reading this please notice

After you have received your Results you will find an extra insight page to go, for those who want to get even more insight and improvement – therefore at the bottom of your Results & Personality profile, you can there click on – More on – How to use EPT


About the test follows:

Experience shows that those who have deposited time to reflect on their ability and to work have a deeper understanding of how they work. These also become more effective in their everyday lives. Of course, this is a challenge for many people. Some take help to move forward with this, while others try to do it themselves. Here we are happy to go in and help and support.
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International statistics show that approx
15% do not try, or just ignores everything and goes on in old habits.                                                                                    70% try                                                                                                                                                                                                 15% take external help, and learns how to, and uses the content and makes a lasting positive change & improvements.

The EPT test – also tries to describe entrepreneurship and the differences among the all 6 archetypes but still that they have a lot in common.  – Entrepreneur´s as persons or individuals can be described in many ways.

One is – who undertakes and who succeeds in creating ventures. The entrepreneur or even intrapreneur succeeds in changing the direction of something, devises new approaches and creates new businesses and markets. The word entrepreneur can describe a person who is creative and driven and who succeeds in starting a business/company.
Entrepreneur´s can change directions on things, create, and design new approaches. Other ways to try to describe them are words like high autonomy, anti-conformity, and action-oriented, taking responsibility in combination with visionary thinking. see the dictionary and more.
Positive attitude towards work and devotion – well, well, the list can be made long.
In brief, this research has come up to that entrepreneurs can be distinguished in six different types of or roles.

Read all about them all on https://stefanlindstrom.com/type-of-entrepreneurs/

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