Find out what motivates and drives you.

It works like this:  you will find 21 different questions, with a selection of each of 4 different choices.

Initially, you need to determine your focus, that is to first decide which mental focus (mindset) you relate to in your responses. Free time focus, or Job focus. This depends on what you want to get out of your EPT.   

  • E.g., to make a career change, or to find out what you really want to do, most likely suitable for, and or your potential and development opportunities as an entrepreneur today. In organizations and business development, i.e., team development Job focus is highly adequate. Within recruitment, either or can be preferred depending on candidate and situation. Feel free by a simple email here, free on
  • Try to Keep that chosen focus in your approach to your answers throughout the whole test, for the most adequate results, and thus for you.
  • For your most congruent answers and suited for the purpose, do the entire test in one sweep without interruption. And of course, do the test without being disturbed.


1.For your personal most consistent answer & profile, please select and keep that same focus during the whole test. Job focus, or Free time focus. Info above on why to choose.

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