The Innovator – This type of entrepreneur is one that may not always work alone. She or he has the invention to guide their activity. They often feel or have a gut feeling (this is also what will become their biggest motivator initially), that they do not really fit well in the large organization and sometimes, therefore, work towards starting a business out of frustration, – not infrequently with others who share the same interests. For the Innovator archetypes, freedom and fortune-seeking are often common denominators.

These entrepreneurial archetypes are most often found in sectors such as IT, Telecom, Biotech, and Green technology.
They usually possess significant technological knowledge but may need at their side someone with financial acumen as well as someone with a customer focus to make the venture succeed commercially.
The Innovator entrepreneur often finds new ideas or products along the way. Moreover, their ventures are often acquired and refined over time.

 – these are the general pictures of this archetype. Your own profile answer is, therefore, more comprehensive than these texts. I.e., if your profile turns out to become The Innovator.

As a personality profile, this archetype can be described as a person who is primarily controlled by emotions, basically a ‘’trigger’’ in behavior…

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