The Workstyle


The Workstyle –

This is an entrepreneur who is the antithesis of the Lifestyle archetype.
The Workstyle archetype also enjoys life, but not outside of work, as much as through it. This is because the job itself is so interesting. The job or more adequately – the profession itself becomes the driving force.

One could say their profession in itself is the driving force itself.

The money, or earnings, therefore, plays a smaller role since the profession is so exciting within itself and therefore acts as a great motivator. An extra high degree of autonomy may consequently also occur.
Furthermore, the archetype quite often has invented something new or developed a unique process or the like.

The Workstyle archetype often runs companies with no or few (usually 1-4) employees, and a lower focus (interest) on sales itself is quite common. Low margins can therefore become a challenge for the enterprise. This might be compensated with their competitive drive.
Furthermore, the entrepreneur quite often invented something new or developed a unique process or such. They often use their intuition when developing new ideas, this due to mentioned above -employment itself is the driving force.
They can initially in some eyes, first appear as so-called “mavericks” or a lone wolf but they, the Workstyle archetypes see themselves as -individualistic! This may be due to that they can appear as both as more Extroverted (E) as well as more Introverted (I).
Even Ambivert, which was shown late in our research and is, or can be seen as an asset for this archetype. Ambivert is something that the Workstyle sometimes shares with the Professional archetypes.
The Workstyle archetype may have few areas of interest and therefore find it easier to focus on certain parts of the process or areas of interest or pure curiosity than to always look at the big picture.
This in itself provides the conditions for easily becoming a specialist in the field or industry they have chosen.


 – these are the general pictures of this archetype. Your own profile answer is, therefore, more comprehensive than these texts. I.e., if your profile turns out to become The Workstyle.

As a personality profile, this archetype can be described as a person who usually gets satisfaction from the stimulus at work.
The work within itself provides the basic incentive for existence. This archetype can combine both thought and emotion, but emotions are the most central.

For a fully adequate personal and both personality profile, and entrepreneurial profile one has to do the test.

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One of many many things that all these archetypes have in common is – thanks to perhaps the most clear-sighted view of all personality types, Entrepreneurs are uniquely skilled at detecting small changes. It can be a change in facial expression, a new style of clothing or changed habits. Entrepreneurs note hidden thoughts and motives where most other personality types would consider themselves happy if they noticed something special at all. Entrepreneurs use these observations. More on this in How To Use Yore Results.