The starter

The Starter

The Starter – This is a type of entrepreneur who can be best described as obsessed with the creative process.
He/she starts companies with good intentions, builds it up, and gets bored quickly.
The person is rarely still; he/she likes to take the leap and is often first with new ideas.

If they complement themselves with any of the other archetypes, they more often succeed in getting their team through the first rounds. These first rounds determine the ultimate survival. Once the business is up and running the way it was intended, the starter archetypes may begin to lose interest.
This type of entrepreneur is often not always able to finish things and can therefore sometimes find it, or end up challenging to make money on the idea of the company. The Starter may, for example, imagine or consider selling ‘’half the building’’ (as you can see in the illustration of the Starter) and instead start a new one. Furthermore, quick to generate enthusiasm among those around them and to sell their idea, or as it more often is likely to be – ideas !

 – these are the general pictures of this archetype. Your own profile answer is, therefore, more comprehensive than these texts. I.e., if your profile turns out to become The Starter.

As a personality profile, this archetype can be described as a person with a strong sense of the task in relation to the logical analysis. This person sees the substance of a process, and therefore the initialization of an idea…

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