The Professional – This entrepreneurial archetype is often very long-term orientated and is usually a long-term thinker, (compared to the other 5 archetypes)
The company that the Professional archetype build shall survive as long as themselves.
He/she wants to start a fast-growing business and stay in it for life. They may also along their way acquire companies that ‘the Starter archetype or ‘the Innovator archetype has previously started and created, and merge a grow that way.
The so-called ‘’Pro” archetype undergoes all the phases of entrepreneurship, and this means that the enterprise will develop all phases, that is from starting, to profitability, and to the administrative phases related to scaling the venture.
This archetype includes a person with all-around ability and often is both stubborn or persistent, as well as strategic in their thinking.

This is a complex archetype that possesses versatility and the ability to develop themselves to cope with all the different phases that emerge along the way. This also includes daring to hire others who are more competent than themselves. The Professional archetype can often build and devote all of their life to their enterprise.

– these are the general pictures of this archetype. Your own profile answer is, therefore, more comprehensive than these texts. I.e., if your profile turns out to become The Professional.

As a personality profile, this archetype can in some cases be described as a person who balances a strong sense of the task with the ability to see its long-term usefulness to the business…

For a fully adequate personal and both personality profile, and entrepreneurial profile one has to do the test.