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We have found EPT to be a useful tool for both individual entrepreneurs, as well as educational institutions and entrepreneurship programs.  Some of these benefits are outlined in bullets 1-9 below.  At the same time, many non-entrepreneurs have found this test useful in their personal development journeys.  Some of these reported benefits are described in bullets a) to i) below.


Key Benefits of EPT:

  • Self-awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of your entrepreneurial behavior to uncover your strengths and untapped potential.
  • Adaptation: Discover which work environments align best with your profile for enhanced productivity and fulfillment.
  • Conflict management: Learn to navigate interactions with other entrepreneurs, reducing the risk of unnecessary conflicts.
  • Personal development: Utilize EPT results as a foundation for personal growth and improvement.

Usage Scenarios:

  • Personal Development: Leverage your profile to target areas for personal growth and advancement.
  • Team Building: Understand your colleagues’ profiles to build cohesive and effective teams.
  • HR and Coaching: Employ EPT results to support staff development and coaching initiatives.

The Importance of Self-awareness.

Self-awareness plays a crucial role in entrepreneurial success by aiding in better decision-making and a deeper understanding of personal motivations. It helps align your entrepreneurial nature with the right business ideas, ultimately enhancing both business performance and personal well-being.

Entrepreneur Profile Test: Like all self-assessment tools you should always use it with and after feedback. We provide feedback sessions. Below insights that are mentioned below are based on over 30.000 test and professional feedback sessions by us or locally accredited EPT coaches.

  1. Self-Discovery: Taking the EPT can help individuals gain insights into their entrepreneurial strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. This self-discovery process can guide them in making informed decisions about pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.
  2. Identifying Entrepreneurial Traits: The EPT evaluates specific traits and qualities that are commonly associated with successful entrepreneurs, such as creativity, risk tolerance, initiative, resilience, and leadership skills. Recognizing these traits can provide a clearer understanding of one’s potential as an entrepreneur.
  3. Tailored Development: Based on the test results, individuals can focus on developing specific skills and characteristics that are essential for entrepreneurship. This targeted approach can lead to more effective personal and professional growth.
  4. Career Guidance: For individuals considering entrepreneurship as a career path, the EPT can be a valuable tool for career guidance. It can help them assess whether entrepreneurship aligns with their natural inclinations and abilities.
  5. Selection and Recruitment: Businesses and organizations can use the EPT as part of their recruitment process to identify candidates with strong entrepreneurial potential. This can be particularly useful for startups and companies looking to foster an entrepreneurial culture.
  6. Entrepreneurship Education: Educational institutions and entrepreneurship programs can use the EPT to evaluate students’ readiness for entrepreneurial coursework and initiatives. The test results can inform curriculum design and personalized learning experiences.
  7. Performance Improvement: Entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners can use the EPT as a benchmark to track their progress over time. It can highlight areas for improvement and guide them in refining their entrepreneurial skills.
  8. Promoting Diversity in Entrepreneurship: By assessing a diverse range of entrepreneurial traits and characteristics, the EPT can contribute to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  9. Evidence-Based Decision-Making: The EPT provides evidence-based insights that can inform strategic decision-making related to business development, team composition, and personal development plans.

Overall, the Entrepreneur Profile Test serves as a valuable tool for individuals, organizations, and educational institutions seeking to understand and harness entrepreneurial potential effectively. It can facilitate personal growth, improve selection processes, and contribute to building a more dynamic and innovative entrepreneurial landscape.


The Entrepreneur Profile Test (EPT) can also be beneficial for individuals who are not necessarily entrepreneurs but are interested in exploring their motivations, strengths, and areas of interest.

Here’s how EPT results and feedback sessions can benefit non-entrepreneurs seeking personal insight:

a) Self-Exploration and Motivation: Taking the EPT can help individuals understand their intrinsic motivations, values, and interests. This self-exploration can guide them in making informed decisions about their career paths and personal development.

b) Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: Like entrepreneurial traits, personal strengths and weaknesses play a crucial role in various aspects of life and work. The EPT can highlight these areas, allowing individuals to leverage their strengths and address areas that may need improvement.

c) Career Clarity and Direction: For individuals seeking clarity about their career direction or considering a career change, the EPT can provide insights into potential areas of interest and suitability. It can suggest career paths or industries that align with their personality and preferences.

d) Enhanced Self-Awareness: Self-awareness is essential for personal growth and fulfillment. By taking the EPT, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of themselves, including their personality traits, communication styles, and preferred work environments.

e) Personal Development Planning: Test results can inform personalized development plans aimed at enhancing skills, exploring new opportunities, and achieving personal and professional goals.

f) Strengthening Interpersonal Relationships: Understanding one’s motivations and communication styles can improve interpersonal relationships both personally and professionally. This awareness can lead to more effective collaboration and communication with others.

g) Exploration of New Hobbies or Activities: The EPT can uncover hidden talents or interests that individuals may not have considered exploring. It can inspire them to engage in new hobbies or activities that bring joy and fulfillment.

h) Decision-Making Support: Armed with insights from the EPT, individuals can make more informed decisions about educational pursuits, volunteer opportunities, or personal projects that align with their values and aspirations.

(i) Life Satisfaction and Well-Being: Ultimately, the goal of self-assessment tools like the EPT is to promote greater life satisfaction and well-being by aligning personal goals with individual strengths and motivations.


“In summary, the Entrepreneur Profile Test (EPT) can benefit individuals seeking a deeper understanding of themselves, their motivations, and potential career paths or personal interests. This tool can facilitate personal growth, improve decision-making, and contribute through better and more insight fulfillment”.

This is after the professional feedback on one’s results and response congruence (in %)  our clients say.

Good luck and enjoy your results. Feel free to contact us.and or your EPT certified coach.





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                                                                                        Why do we do this?

  • By improving self-awarenessfinding find out motivation factors and opportunities for improvements the entrepreneur can improve themselves and thereby their companies as well as better understand how to encourage both entrepreneurship and economic development and growth.
  • We all recognize that improving self-awareness can be extremely helpful to enentrepreneursho wish to improve their performance and that of their companies.
  • Developing a successful company requires the development of the organization. For an entrepreneurial company, this process needs to start with the entrepreneur, or as our research says, the entrepreneur needs to develop oneself.
  • But gaining the insights necessary for this development is not easy. We have therefore developed a set of profiles, enabled by our research, which greatly facilitates the process of identifying and motivating the development.
  • You also get a personality profile, which you can use in your personal development, as well as in team-development, recruiting, personnel development, HR, Coaching, Mentoring, etc. Self-awareness increases your ability and your development!


Copyright 2010-2024 ©  Stefan Lindstrom

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The Entrepreneur Profile Test (EPT) – developed by Stefan Lindstrom specialist in Entrepreneurial management and Hans-Olle Frummerin licensed Psychologist, after an idea by Nicklas Mattsson at that time, editor in chief of the Swedish magazine Entreprenör.
Lindstrom and Frummerin have created the test, based on Lindstrom’s knowledge and research within Entreprenology, and use and knowledge of behavioral tests as well as Frummerin’s knowledge within psychology, and personality & psychology tests.

Both as management consultants engaged in personnel and organizational development.

Since 2010 EPT has been updated by Lindstrom in 2017, as well as launched in English in march 2020.